Rock Paper Scissors Foundation

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Rock Paper Scissors (RPS)

RPS foundation is a non-profit organization that...

Creates awareness

Offers support and mentoring

Encourages a renewed sense of self

Hosts survivor support groups

Supplies image consulting

Provides community-based referrals

Engages in public speaking forums

Our support and resources are for men, women, and children who have been traumatized from all forms of abuse and human trafficking. Through these services, RPS is able to spread awareness which begins the process of prevention and protection for our future generations.


To fight against all forms of abuse and human trafficking so that anyone who has been silenced can break free and be silenced no more. Through resources, support, and influence we will speak as an impactful voice nationally and internationally.



Empowering survivors from all forms of abuse and human trafficking to look in the mirror and say “I am an OVERCOMER!”

Rock: “No matter what you throw at me.”

Paper: “No matter how you try to crumble me.”

Scissors: “No matter how you attempt to cut me down.”

We want to be the up lifter, encourager, and the one you know is here for you. 

Because of you, we are able to carry out our mission and spread awareness!